Sunday, January 31, 2010

Top 5 Favorite: Nadast Words

For his most famous work, Athony Burgess invented a slang for his characters. It's a bit Russian and rhyming with a cockney accent. These are my favorite nadast words:

#5: Cutter - Money
Origin: Rhyme; Bread and Butter.
Mostly what I love about Cutter is the word source. How can you not?
I tried to pay the veck, my brothers, but there was no cutter in my carman.

#4: Veck - Guy
Origin: Russian, short for chelovyek.
Here's what I love about Veck: Although it means guy, it sounds a lot like "fuck", and that fact adds a nice layer to Alex's way of speaking in novel.
The veck tolchocked me upside my gullier when he didn't get his cutter, and out the red red Krovvy went.

#3: Oddy-Knocky - Lonesome
Origin: Russian; corruption of odinok
Nothing in particular about this one, just the way it sounds.
There he left me, my brothers, all on my oddy-knocky.

#2: Appypolly Loggy - Apology
Origin: School boy term?
As I laid there, I thought like, Bog owes us one bolshy appypolly loggy.

#1: Horrorshow - Good/Well
Origin: Russian; corruption of khorosho
Again, here's a word that enforces Alex's character by its usage as well as being ironic to an extreme degree.
I pulled myself up, and looked at my reflection in the pool of my own krovvy, and I flashed my zoobies. He got me horrorshow, bothers. Real horrorshow.

Other favorites: Droog, Eggiweg, Viddy, Solvo, Moloko. Nadast dictionary and origin key.

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